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Why Socketize?

Why would you use WebSocket in your application? It's realtime, it's very fast with a persistent connection, you can push message to the client from the server and the list goes on. All these can be done with Socketize without hassle of managing a WebSocket server and writing long client side scripts.

Socketize also gives you a NoSQL like database in the cloud. You can directly access this database from the browser via WebSocket (with fallback for older browsers), backed by a no-compromising security. You also get built-in user authentication system.

You can do all these things via REST API too.

Build an app from scratch without backend

Socketize got you covered with user authentication, cloud database, security and validation. Write your business logic in the frontend and forget about the backend. You can use AngularJS, Vue.js, Ember.js, jQuery or anything.

Build a blog, host it on GitHub for free! Check out the example apps.

Note, if your app has to do heavy data processing then this use case won't work for you.

Make your app realtime in no-time

Subscribe clients(browser) for events and publish data to these clients from your backend using our REST API in realtime. Learn more here.

Enhance your app with Socketize

You can take advantage of the speed of WebSocket transfers in your current/existing app.

These give you some basic ideas, possibilities are endless.