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A RESTful API for you to connect with Socketize server from any platform. You have to use your public key and private key to access the API. When using REST API there is no special security restriction is applied. You don't need log in as a user and you always stay in the global scope. Also Filter is not applied.

A cURL example of get:

curl '' \
 -X PUT \
 -u your_public_key:your_private_key \
 -H 'Accept: application/vnd.socketize.v1+json'

So here you send a PUT request to with params key and value, attach your application's public and private keys and send Accept header with API version.

In case of success you'll get an HTTP 200 response, in case of error you'll get a different status code. You will always get JSON a response anyway. Which will also have the status_code field and a message field.

Read the Full Reference.

Client Libraries

To help you access REST API easily we have built client libraries. Currently we only have a library for PHP:

PHP Library on GitHub