Socketize will be shutting down on 30 September 2017. We are not accepting new registrations. Sorry about this.

WebSocket as a Service

Build blazing fast realtime apps. No server, no daemon, just JavaScript.

Try this now:
Copy and run this in your terminal
curl " from CLI" \
    -X GET -u RwzEWk_test-public-key:test-private-key
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Frontend NoSQL Database

Securely access database from frontend JavaScript, with the speed of a WebSocket. With fallback for older browsers.

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Backend Not Required

Build apps without any backend code, Socketize is all. Of course you can use Socketize with a backend too.

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Built-in User and Authentication

Get your user registered with few lines of JS code or with just a built-in popup.

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Server-side JavaScript Validation

Filter is JS code written by you which sits between a request and execution, allowing you to reject or to do anything before execution.

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Realtime PubSub

Make your app realtime in no time. Send data from backend to frontend. Socketize will keep listening via WebSocket.

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Take control of your data and users from your backend. Publish data to frontend from backend with our REST API.

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